Feedback from clients is one of the most important things in any business. Whether you are a trainer or the CEO of a global business. Businesses too often forget that it is their clients who are the most important. Without clients no business can succeed. Clients buy our products & services, they recommend us to friends & colleagues and finally they often are repeat customers.

As a trainer I am lucky as training programmes always involve feedback. Here is just some of the feedback I have received.

“Who knew learning finance could be fun :-)” KL

“Peter is clearly very experienced and had all the relevant knowledge to deliver this. He was warm and open and made everyone feel very comfortable which facilitated great discussion” CW

“Very Good. Peter was excellent and brought it all to life! And gave many interesting asides about the finance world!” PS

“The course was excellent. Feel very inspired now. Peter as a coach was great! Probably it was on of the best courses I’ve been to. Thank you!” BK

“The trainer was brilliant. Very engaging and the trainer was very knowledgeable” KR

“My experience during the course was one I will never forget. It taught me so much  about the business world and opened my eyes showing me the amount of knowledge I already have and giving me the confidence boost to set off on a new journey. I truly believe that the small things in life are what makes us who we are and I will be remembering Peter’s words of encouragement, hearing them ringing in my ears throughout my journey in life. A true stepping stone.” YIR, Mini-MBA Programme

“We learned everything we needed to know through real life situations. Peter has a great personality, with so much to offer. He connects with us on a professional and personal level and honestly I can’t think of a better person to take this course with. This course will be a huge milestone in my life and Peter made it all worthwhile. It was a great pleasure meeting him and learning from his experience and I cannot thank him enough. Thank you for all your dedication and commitment Peter, it is highly appreciated.” DA, Mini-MBA Programme

“The course has been eye-opening and very insightful covering all aspects of business strategy. It has been a pleasure meeting an ambitious businessman sharing the same passion and wanting to start a business. As a prospective business owner, it was great to learn from other people’s experience and to map our thoughts/ideas to come up with a clear strategy. The course did that and Peter was great at incorporating all essential elements and map them together. Thank you one more time for investing in the business we want to open and we are definitely leaving with the push needed to go and test things out.” SAM

Amazing teacher, an even better coach and listener.” CC, France

“Thank you very much for everything. It was great. You are certainly the best teacher I have ever met” MY, Japan

Peter is brilliant” CM, Brazil

“I want to thank you for all the support you gave me during the past week and the huge help to improve my English that you have been giving me since last year. I really appreciated it and I hope we can continue to work together.”, PS, Italy

“We first met Peter as a tutor to do a course. His clarity of teaching and constant encouragement made us grow. Peter’s humour and competence at teaching us has inspired huge confidence in all of us… we are all more confident in our presentations and ourselves. I cannot recommend him more highly.” MS, UK

“Peter is very customer focused and ensures his clients are having a fun time and continually improving their skills. Peter’s teaching skills are excellent and he uses these for other roles in language teaching and mentoring.” DC, UK

“It was a pleasure to work with you and I’d like to continue as soon as possible, you’re very precious for my personal growth.” LB, Italy

“I was stuck with my old job in Italy and I wanted to realize my dream – moving to the UK and work on a big company as a computer scientist. I chose Peter as a trainer and I found out a bigger resource: he helped me not only on the language. With his huge experience on the field he taught me the UK culture, from how to write a curriculum vitae to how to successfully handle a phone interview. He is a great teacher with a great culture. I wish I had known him before.” GC, Italy (now living in London)

Having recently returned from maternity leave I was feeling rusty about my interview technique – and particularly about how best to articulate my professional experience which felt like a distant memory after 12 months of looking after my daughter, and very little sleep! The session with Peter provided me with a safe space to practice, try some new things and to get some really honest and constructive feedback. Peter clearly has considerable experience of sitting on both sides of the interview desk and was able to share this expertise in a supportive and practical way. I left the conversation feeling clearer about how to target my preparation and more confident about the interview ahead. I am pleased to say that I will be starting as Chief Executive of a new charity in a couple of months’ time. Thank you Peter!” EL, UK

“… I could laugh quite a lot in your classes. Nevertheless beside those funny parts your life experience and your points of few were really inspiring, thanks a lot.” AE, Switzerland

“Thank you very much Peter.” RA, Italy