Susie S.

What Peter is really good at making the game approachable, and creating a constructive environment in which to develop.

I had always wanted to learn how to play, and it’s been fantastic seeing how different individuals play the game with totally different strategies and approaches – and all of them can be successful. Poker has reminded me that there are a many ways to skin a cat…

I still struggle to remember the names for all the card sets!!! … but picking up the rules was easier than I expected, and it  helps to have Peter on hand to help walk you through any etiquette mistakes you make.

Sitting around a table with other players is tremendous fun, and very lively – brings out the competitive side in people!!

Poker has shown me that there are many ways and personality types that can be successful in poker, and its not just the loudest that takes all. The game is of course highly strategic, and makes you aware of what you “represent” to the table. Both of these realisations have certainly helped me around the negotiation table.

The most exciting thing about learning poker is it can open all sorts of doors, from the people in your exciting circles who you discover play – to the people you can meet by playing – and the insights which that breadth provide in terms of what a “smart” player looks like.”

Susie S., Senior Executive, Private Equity