Doug C.

“Peter is very customer focused and ensures his clients are having a fun time and continually improving their poker skills

I had played a small amount of poker, some on-line,  when I first met Peter.  We meet when I attended series of poker training classes.  Peter’s teaching skills are excellent and he uses these for other roles in language teaching and mentoring. 

Peter teaches poker is such a way that the rules and etiquette do not seem too difficult to learn to a reasonable level quite quickly, thus the client  also gains confidence quickly and hence are motivated to get experience of the game and improve.

Although  it is great fun playing with a group of friends, playing with strangers gives you an opportunity to judge your standard against others and to learn from them.  Generally players you do not know are helpful and respectful.

Poker is a great help in teaching you how to  see “Tells” from facial movements and body language.  The tactics and strategy helps you weigh up your potential stake against likely winnings from  a particular hand.  I do some FOREX day trading and there is a mental discipline with this like not going “On tilt” in poker, and in FOREX trading making poor trading decisions by not following your plan – poker helps you with FOREX trading discipline and visa versa – generally poker helps teach patience.

The most exciting thing about poker is playing a challenging game with like minded people and enjoying the camaraderie.”

Doug C., Foreign Exchange Trader