Working with Peter on the Leadership Excellence Programme at FSCS over 18 months was an absolute joy and the results we achieved together were greater than ever expected!

Peter brought his strategic, analytic and problem solving approach to support the design of the programme to achieve not only the aims of the programme but the aims and cultural ambitions of the whole organisation. With this he delivered the modules with natural ease and exceptional coaching, adapting to the delegates needs and personalities.

The programme cohort couldn’t speak more highly of Peter and would regularly ask when he would next be in the business to discuss issues or achievements, or just to go along to another of his sessions. The programme has now been shortlisted for an award!

As a result of his impact on the leadership cohort, other areas of the business requested his support and with every separate piece of work, he remained flexible to the problem-owners needs but ensured he took the whole FSCS picture into consideration.

I would highly recommend Peter as a coach, consultant, facilitator and exceptional colleague.

― Alice Pilbeam-Brown