Training Programmes

We run training programmes for international managers. The skills needed to operate in the English speaking world, the skills to be confident in business and the skills to succeed.

Each programme gives the delegates a core understanding of the subject, real world examples and an opportunity to practice the skills. Each programme is highly interactive and includes discussions, interactive activities and role plays.

All courses are delivered in English and are specificially developed to meet the needs of both native and non-native speakers.

Our courses can be run in-house for companies or on a public basis. We have experience of working in many European countries. Find out how to get an edge in your business, get in touch today.

Business Masterclass TrainingThe business masterclass will give you an excellent understanding of the theory and practice of business strategy, finance and leadership. Topics include setting SMART objectives, Blue Ocean Strategy,  Key Financial Concepts and Leadership Styles. Delivered in English the course focuses on real world examples to illustrate key concepts.


Leadership is a complex skill to master. This programme focuses on four aspects of leadership. What is leadership and how is it different from management? What are the main leadership models and how can they be applied in real-life situations? What is each delegates natural leadership style and how can they understand themselves better to use other leadership styles when needed? How important is Emotional Intelligence in determining a good leader?

Training-Image-NegotiationNegotiation is an essential skills. In business we negotiate all the time. We negotiate with other businesses, we negotiate with customers and we negotiate with our colleagues and team members. This programme focuses on key negotiation strategies, how to prepare for a negotiation and examining real world examples. The programme includes practicing real negotiations so each delegate leaves with not just the theory but also lots of practical experience.


Managers and executives face many challenges in business. These challenges can include organisational change, managing difficult staff or dealing with a promotion. Whatever the challenge executives and managers (like elite sports people) need coaching to help them perform at their very best. The coaching programme works individually with the individual to help them develop resilience, better performance and an improvement to the business overall. Coaching can be performed on a 1-1 or team basis.

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