Case Study

Three International Women Entrepreneurs attended one of our Business Masterclass programmes, a training programme that aims to give delegates a broad knowledge of Business Strategy, Finance for non-Financial Managers, Marketing and Leadership. This course was attended by three friends who wanted to learn about business with a view to setting up their own. These inspirational women had finished their education a few years ago and were looking to move from employment to employer. Throughout the time I spent with them their enthusiasm, energy and commitment to their future business was an inspiration.

Over the programme, together we turned their vague initial ideas of a business into one which had a strategy, a clear set of customer segments, a budget, a marketing plan and finally a look at the personal dynamics of the team. This was done through interactive hands-on sessions, looking at existing real life businesses and using some key business strategies in planning the way forward.

I often feel that training isn’t a one way process. I learn and am often inspired by the people that I meet. That was certainly the case with the delegates on this course.

Testimonials from the delegates

“My experience during the course was one I will never forget. It taught me so much about the business world and opened my eyes showing me the amount of knowledge I already have and giving me the confidence boost to set off on a new journey. I truly believe that the small things in life are what makes us who we are and I will be remembering Peter’s words of encouragement, hearing them ringing in my ears throughout my journey in life. A true stepping stone.” YIR

“We learned everything we needed to know through real life situations. Peter has a great personality, with so much to offer. He connects with us on a professional and personal level and honestly I can’t think of a better person to take this course with. This course will be a huge milestone in my life and Peter made it all worthwhile. It was a great pleasure meeting him and learning from his experience and I cannot thank him enough. Thank you for all your dedication and commitment Peter, it is highly appreciated.” DA

“The course has been eye-opening and very insightful covering all aspects of business strategy. It has been a pleasure meeting an ambitious businessman sharing the same passion and wanting to start a business. As a prospective business owner, it was great to learn from other people’s experience and to map our thoughts/ideas to come up with a clear strategy. The course did that and Peter was great at incorporating all essential elements and map them together. Thank you one more time for investing in the business we want to open and we are definitely leaving with the push needed to go and test things out.” SAM

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