A lot of workshops can seem like death by powerpoint. We believe that people learn best when engaged in discussing and exploring leadership & management, not by looking at a screen.

Our approach in developing leadership & management skills can be summarized in our principles:-

  1. People learn best when they have the opportunity to explore the subject matter through discussions and activities with their peers and colleagues.
  2. Programmes that help people to develop their thinking skills have the best long-term outcomes.
  3. Telling people what to do disempowers them and removes their own responsibility to be the architects of their own futures.
  4. Powerpoint can be a barrier to learning and should be used as little as possible.
  5. Workshops should take place in a safe space where people can have the conversations they need to have.
  6. Workshop feedback to the organisation should be on a Chatham House basis unless there are safeguarding concerns or the delegates specifically ask for something to be fed back.
  7. Workshops with colleagues build and strengthen relationships across teams and this is an important outcome.

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