Management Development Programmes


TJ-AwardsBest Leadership Development
Programme 2018

Our leadership development programme at the FSCS has been shortlisted by the Training Journal awards.


MDP-IconOrganisations we work with usually face one of the most difficult challenges of all – changing the mindsets of their teams and managers so they are motivated, flexible and adaptable.

They want their organisations to be more pro-active, to embrace new ways of working and to develop new values & culture (or live up to existing ones that have been gathering dust for years).

Senior executives & managers can be frustrated that new ideas or ways of working are hard to embed and resistance can be a tough barrier to overcome. To embrace new ideas or ways of working effectively we often need to change how teams think and feel about an organisation and how we can lessen the impact of change.

We have a very simple model to help change mindsets and embrace change and new ways of working.


Develop an understanding of your aspirations and the barriers you see but also look at it from your team’s perspective. What are the barriers they see?



Design a set of interventions (management development programmes, workshops, coaching) to address the challenges faced by you and your teams



Deliver the interventions not only with the relevant managers and their teams but also with senior managers & executives where appropriate.



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