Team Coaching

Programme Summary

We are only as good as our team. Whether we’re a CEO, manager or a team leader we depend on our teams to deliver to our clients or stakeholders.

Teams are complex to manage because they are made up of people who sometimes have different values or beliefs, who do things differently and get frustrated by different things.

This programme is about helping teams to come together, be stronger and more productive than the sum of the individuals. We do this by exploring 5 key factors in teams.

  • Trust – How well do we trust each other both professionally and personally?
  • Difficult conversations – Can we have difficult conversations when necessary?
  • Commitment –  How much do we commit to the teams work and people.?
  • Accountability – Do we accept personal and team accountability for our work and behaviours?
  • Results – Do we pay attention to the results of the team?

This programme is tailored to the needs of each team, however it typically runs for between 3 and 6 sessions over a 6 month period.

Who is this programme for?

This course is for any team that is looking to develop their potential. This is not only for under-performing teams but also for successful teams who have the potential to be so much more.

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