Course Summary

The 2-day Management Masterclass programme gives delegates an in-depth skill-set and set of tools for managing teams.  Covering the role of a manager, situational management, motivating staff, coaching skills, developing team work, delegation, handling difficult situations and self-awareness. This programme is available in-house or as an open public course. For in-house programmes this course can be tailored to meet the exact needs of your managers and organisation.

At the end of the course, delegates will have developed their management skills with a practical toolkit and set of techniques that can be used in their jobs straightaway. The course is run in a highly interactive way with lots of delegate discussions and interactive activities to learn and practice the techniques.

“I really enjoy delivering this course as I can see the big increase in delegate’s confidence as they learn new skills which they can apply to their workplace immediately.”

Who is this course for?

This course is ideal for those who are moving into management, new managers and those who have been managing for some time but want a refresher on the key skills.


Programme Outline


What is management?

  • Understand the team leaders/line manager’s role and responsibilities
  • What are the key characteristics of a good manager
  • What is your natural management style?
  • Identify the qualities you need to develop as a manager
  • A simple model for management

Managing People

  • Should we manage everyone the same?
  • Adjusting your management style to each member of your team
  • Getting your team in the zone
  • Providing feedback to your team

Understanding Motivation

  • What motivate you as a manager
  • Understanding the motivation of your team
  • Motivational theory and practice

Coaching Skills

  • What are the origins of coaching
  • How does a coaching approach differ
  • GROW Coaching model
  • How to use open questions to coach your team


  • What are our barriers to delegation?
  • How to delegate effectively
  • Using delegate to grow & develop your team
  • Setting goals for your team

Team Work

  • How do teams work together
  • What can managers do to promote good team working
  • Managing conflict within a team

Managing Difficult Situations

  • What is a difficult situation for you
  • How should we handle difficult situations
  • 3 steps to managing any difficult situation


  • Why is self-awareness important for managers
  • What are the key elements to self-awareness
  • How can I manage my emotions


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