Choose operational targets wisely

I ran a workshop this week with a really great team at one of my clients and the topic of targets came up for discussion. Targets had been introduced to this organisation fairly recently and the team had a very interesting discussion around how this impacted them. The role of the team was varied and … Continue reading Choose operational targets wisely

Walking the talk can be a challenge

Being a role model is an inherent part of being in a managerial or leadership position - your team looks up to you and expects you to lead the way in behavior and values. This topic often comes up in┬ámanagement & leadership workshops. From time to time I see delegates back away from being a … Continue reading Walking the talk can be a challenge

There is no them, only us

Like most people, having never been to a real prison, my knowledge of the prison system was limited to the often depressing news about them and their residents. That changed last week when I had the privilege of visiting Portland prison in Dorset with the youth offending rehabilitation charity, Key4life. There I met 30 young … Continue reading There is no them, only us

Different but the same

Difference is all around us. It's easy to see others as being different whether it's┬átheir gender, skin colour, size, clothing, nationality or lifestyle. But having worked with and trained people from all over the world it is clear that the challenges of leadership, handling difficult people and motivating your team are universal. So what else … Continue reading Different but the same